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‘Digital Strategy’, is the term we are using to describe our increasing use of technology to deliver and reinforce teaching and learning, and the necessary hardware – specifically standardised digital devices – needed to facilitate this in and out of school.   

While Covid-19 and the associated restrictions brought us most unwelcome challenges, the necessity to develop remote teaching has highlighted the very many benefits that technology can bring to how our students engage in learning and achieve better outcomes.  While, pre-pandemic, RGS had an aspiration to progress our Digital Strategy, we are now even better informed to know what we want to achieve and how. 

Having recently completed significant investment in the school’s built environment, in 2020/2021 we made an investment in the provision of Microsoft Surface Pro digital devices for all teaching staff, and this investment has been key to our ability to continue teaching through lockdowns and student isolations.  We are now beginning further investment in the digital devices to be issued to students, a one-to-one Surface Pro in the Senior School and shared class sets of Surface Go devices in the Junior School, which will be rolled out starting from September 2022. 

Suffice to say, we are very excited about this newest innovation and the opportunities and benefits we are confident this will deliver.  I want to emphasise that our Digital Strategy is about so much more than the physical hardware; it is about the continuing evolution of our teaching and learning, making sure that we retain the best of traditional teaching, while accessing the growing technological advancements that can aide our children’s development for the 21st Century. 

I also reiterate that the continued investment in student Surface Pro devices is the same as any other school infrastructure, in that the costs are wrapped up in our school fees.  As with any of the school’s resources, we need parents and students to be our partners in caring for and making the best use of our facilities, a message that I am keen for families to reiterate at home. 

I do hope that this introductory video about our vision and what we are trying to achieve, along with the FAQs below will prove helpful but if you do have any remaining questions or even any comments, then please do let us know at   

Geoffrey Stanford 


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The following questions refer only to the provision of devices in the Senior School

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