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There's always a lot going on at RGS which we love sharing with you. You will find lots of our news on the website, but be sure to follow our social media accounts to ensure you don't miss anything. 

The Value of Independent Enquiry

Young children often ask the most fascinating questions. Such inquisitiveness is very much to be encouraged, particularly in the face of exam specifications dictating what students “need to know to pass.”

Student-led EDI Culture Week

A group of passionate students formed the EDI Committee at RGS, with the vision of educating and empowering their peers on the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in society.

NEW Student Leadership Team 2024-25

A fresh cohort of students are embarking on an exciting new challenge and leading the way at RGS, as their predecessors now focus on their exams.

Spotlight on RGS's new Dance Specialist

Any fears Kayleigh Oborka-Letman had about expanding dance in a former all-boys school evaporated as soon as she walked through the doors on Eskdale Terrace in September last year.

RGS Celebrates Neurodiversity

In a highlight of our Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Founder of UNILAD and LADBible, Alex Partridge, captivated RGS Senior School students in an extended assembly. Alex shared his journey to being diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. 

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