Akithra’s winning design printed on school’s new hockey sticks

A girl in school uniform holding a hockey stick

Year 8 student, Akithra K, is delighted to see her winning design on the school’s new hocky sticks.

Last year, Akithra – who plays hockey herself - took part in the ‘Design your own stick competition’, a national initiative run by Y1 Hockey during lockdown.

The competition was open to all our students and Akithra’s design was picked as the winner by Head of Art, Mr Mason, out of the hundreds of entries we received.

Speaking about her design, Akithra, said: "I was aware that there was a lot of people participating so I tried doing an original design based on my creativity.

"I based my design on a modern look with all the RGS colours, as well as adding some additional features.

"I play hockey myself, mostly defence and centre midfield, so I realised I had to do a simpler design on the inside of the hockey stick as this side would wear away. This led me to do a bold modern design to represent the RGS colours on the outside."

A field hockey stick lying on the grass

The school placed a bulk order of the winning design sticks with Y1 which are now being used by both Junior and Senior school students during games. The stick has also been advertised across Y1’s website and social media channels for purchase by the public.

Akithra added: "I really appreciated having the opportunity to take part in a really fun competition like this and honestly, I was very surprised to hear that I had won the competition because I knew there was a lot of people participating. I am very happy that my design is something the whole school gets to see and even buy!"

Head of Art, Mr Mason, said: "Thank you so much to all the students that took part in the hockey stick design competition. It was wonderful to see the creativity and ideas inspired by the sport and its significance at RGS.

"In the end the bold use of novocastrian colours, geometric shapes and contemporary feel of Akithra was my clear favourite. It represented an excellent array of ideas seen across various designs in the most technically assured manner and captured a modern era of the sport and identity of the teams at RGS."


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