Engineering, Design and Technology Exhibition 2023

Engineering, Design and Technology Exhibition 2023

GCSE and A Level Students showcase their skills and the solution they set out to solve

After one year in the making, Y11 and Y13 students displayed their hard work for peers, families and staff to come and enjoy their concept to completion project.

Each student was required to identify a problem to solve, many of which were personal to them and ranged from a sustainable lifejacket and space saving board game table, to a surf board cleaner and beret storage.

Ideas were generated based on research and development and always with their stated primary user in mind, including exploring materials suitability and simulating how it would be manufactured in the real world. The next step of a feasibility report raised challenges and considerations for our young designers and engineers to work around.

Workshop skills have increased students' confidence using our exceptional EDT machines and facilities to maximise the quality of their final product. Most product development has been undertaken through modelling using software programmes such as CAD Fusion 360.

All projects were self-led giving students ownership and culminated in creating an e-portfolio to share their design, while many sought feedback from exhibition guests via QR code questionnaires to add any final improvements.

Y8 students also came along to see their older peers' work to help make their upcoming Y9 subject choices and be exposed to the start of the EDT pathway towards university and apprentices. The EDT GCSE is split between Product Design and Design Engineering so students to specialise in their preference.


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