International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day 2023

This year's IWD theme #embraceequity sparks important conversations at RGS and gives opportunity to reflect on our co-educational journey so far.


We were delighted to welcome Claris D'Cruz to talk to our students, sharing reflections from the different roles she has held at RGS, thoughts for our future and why embracing equity is in everyone's best interest. Claris is a leading expert in the field of charity law, was heavily involved in advising the RGS about becoming co-educational over 20 years ago and subsequently served as an invaluable School Governor.

"We needed to show that going co-educational was going to be in the best interest of the existing pupils (at the time an all boys school), the research was clear on the educational benefits that would flow to them. For all of the pupils they would be better prepared for what life held for them beyond the school gates. 

"When you are enjoying the fantastic facilities at RGS that is what going co-educational gave to you. More importantly, it transformed the culture of the school. Embracing equality has enabled the school, its pupils and everyone in the RGS community to grow and thrive."

Claris also encouraged everyone to take a look at the ONA Magazine here to discover more about the RGS co-educational journey.


Another hugely influential female figure at RGS is Julie Drummond, our former Chair of Governors. Julie's profound impact on our community led to a portrait of her being commissioned which has since been displayed in our main hall. The portrait not only celebrates Julie, and her incredible contribution to RGS but also pays tribute to all of the women who have held leadership roles in the school, and the many women and men who drove the implementation of co-education. Julie took some convincing to sit for a portrait, but she was persuaded by the importance of celebrating the inclusive nature of our school, and that she is a symbol of the many people who have contributed to this. 



Other IWD activities have taken place during this week, including a beauty banks collection and a special Agora Gig. Meanwhile, our Sixth Formers attended a careers talk on 'Equality and Equity in the Workplace'.


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