NEW Student Leadership Team 2024-25

NEW Student Leadership Team 2024-25

A fresh cohort of students are embarking on an exciting new challenge and leading the way at RGS, as their predecessors now focus on their exams.

After another successful year of the student voice being heard and implemented where possible, our new Student Leadership Team bring enthusiasm and energy to get involved with a variety of activities across the school. As respected role models in the School community, in addition to a range of responsibilities they will also provide much support to younger students by sharing their first hand experiences of things such as coping with exams and maximising the opportunities at RGS.

Each student has a specific role within the team and is supported by different senior members of staff through leadership training programmes throughout the year to build their confidence and develop new ways of thinking.

Student roles are as follows:

Senior Prefects

  • Flo Elliot (Junior School)
  • Addison Moore (Pastoral Y7 (staying in Y7 from September))
  • Aydan Jones (Pastoral Y7 (moving up into Y8 from September)
  • Lola Watkins (Pastoral Y8 (moving into Y9 from September))
  • Rishi Matla (Pastoral Y9 (moving up into Y10 from September))
  • Medansh Gaur (Pastoral Y10 (moving up into Y11 from September))
  • Rosa Baruch Harrison (Partnerships)
  • Cara Lee (Partnerships)
  • Hugo Green (Co-curricular)
  • Amali Morgan (Co-curricular)
  • Joseph McMinn (Co-curricular)
  • Isobel Goldberg (Academic)
  • Nico Savic (Academic)
  • Rory Scott (Academic)


ON Ambassadors

  • Fern Angus
  • Varnu Boora
  • Jasmine Mohammed
  • Oscar Thomas


Heads of peer support

  • Izzy Cheung
  • Esha Raja


House Captains:


  • Olivia Morton
  • Idris Pritchard


  • Silvia Mosquera
  • Zuhair Abdullah


  • Cara Lee
  • Oscar Thomas
  • Addison Moore


  • Ellen Chen
  • Charlotte Scothon


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