Record Breaking Year for GCSE Results at RGS

Record Breaking Year for GCSE Results at RGS

This morning, 139 Y11 students at RGS opened their GCSE results’ envelopes to find that this cohort has achieved record breaking results.

As with last week’s A-Levels, Ofqual have adjusted grade boundaries to align with pre-pandemic years.  Despite this, the Class of 2023 GCSE students have surpassed 2019 performance, the last comparable year.

This year’s GCSE students have achieved:

-      85.2%1 grades 7-9 (equivalent to A*-A)

-      66.8%2 grades 8-9 (equivalent to A*)

-      40.6%3 at the highest possible grade 9. 

13 students attained grade 9 in all subjects.

55 of the cohort achieved an impressive set of 11 GCSEs.

Collectively the students achieved 1429 GCSE qualifications, from the 21 different GCSE subject options available at RGS.

Geoffrey Stanford, Headmaster at RGS Newcastle, commented:

“This particular cohort faced pandemic-related disruption during Years 8 and 9, such a formative time in their education.  Throughout, they have shown resilience and tenacity, with their dedication and hard work being rewarded by these results.  The individuals in this year group have seized the learning opportunities they have been given, and this sense of ownership and responsibility very much characterizes this generation of RGS students. 

While we are always immensely proud of the students who have achieved at the very highest levels, our data also shows that students at all levels of ability have made impressive progress.  Their performance is a tribute to the support of our dedicated academic and pastoral teams who have given each child every opportunity to achieve their potential.  We very much look forward to seeing what they will go on to achieve next.

We are conscious that this performance is in stark contrast to growing regional disparity, with this year seeing an over 10% gap between the performance of students in the South and the North East.  The outstanding academic performance of our 1 in 16 students who attend RGS on a means-tested RGS Bursary, demonstrate the infinite potential of children in the North East, and is why we are so committed to RGS Partnership work with over 10,000 children from over 100 different local schools across our region."


1 RGS 2019 results’ day equivalent was 83.4% grades 7-9

2 RGS 2019 results’ day equivalent was 62.5% grades 8-9

3 RGS 2019 equivalent was 39.9% grade 9

Click here to see full subject breakdown of 2022/23 results.

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