Student-led EDI Culture Week

Student-led EDI Culture Week

A group of passionate students formed the EDI Committee at RGS, with the vision of educating and empowering their peers on the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in society.

A week-long, vibrant celebration of the range of world cultures here at RGS, aimed to help people become more confident and proud of their backgrounds and ethnicity. Staff and students alike were blown away by the participation throughout the whole week.

Kicking the week off with stalls, from saree draping to calligraphy in different languages. This was especially seen in the popularity of the outdoor game Kho, which was played in PE lessons later in the week following students' request.

The movie screening peaked the interest of many, despite the language barrier, and the cultural food menu throughout the week in the dining hall excited students each day as they tried new flavours.

The dance show towards the end of the week was a big hit, with a bustling crowd of students supporting the amazing dancers with styles from around the world, including a group from the Junior School. Friday saw a traditional Agora Gig, but with a cultural twist, with music from Colombia, Sudan and India being performed; including a performance by our school’s Ceilidh Band.

Friday also saw the cultural non-uniform day, creating a lively, colourful atmosphere as students showed their pride for their culture, with many students sharing clothes with their friends, allowing everyone to take part and share in the excitement.

The support shown by the student body of these performances highlighted the success of the week and the impact it had on everyone involved.

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