RGS students receive Arkwright Scholarships

6 boys a girl and 2 men in front of glass doors outside building

Seven RGS Lower Sixth students have been successful in their applications for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship following an extensive application process.

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most esteemed scholarship of its type in the UK, designed to inspire students to pursue their dreams and change the world as a future leader in engineering. Scholarships are awarded to hard-working 16-year old students through a rigorous selection process, supporting them through their A levels. Each Scholar receives a personal financial reward of £600, personal development, support from their sponsor, a dedicated Engineering mentor, and invitations to industry and university events.

This year we have had an impressive seven Lower Sixth students who were successful in their applications and will be Arkwright Scholars for the forthcoming year:


Faizah Ashraf (sponsored by the Reece Foundation)

Phillip Daniel (sponsored by the Reece Foundation)

Pranav Gajawada (sponsored by the Reece Foundation)

Anik Mitra (sponsored by the Reece Foundation)

Jess Slater (sponsored by Ward and Burke)

Thomas Smail (sponsored by the Reece Foundation)

Theo Wride (sponsored by the Reece Foundation)

The process that all the students went through is rigorous with an application, interview and two-hour exam.

Head of Engineering, Design and Technology, Pete Warne, said:

“I am delighted to see such a high number of students be recognised for their hard work in STEM subjects and awarded an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

“This group is extremely talented and will fully appreciate the support and guidance that their sponsors Reece Foundation and Ward and Burke will provide them.”

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