RGS’s Miller Theatre takes centre stage in ON’s feature film

Cameron Pulham behind a camera

The RGS’s Miller Theatre stars in the biggest scene of a feature film which was recently released on Amazon Prime.

ON, Cameron Pulham (10-17), has spent two years making Audition, which tells the tale of wide-eyed student who auditions for a role that could change his life.

With pre-production starting in April 2019 and filming completing in October of that same year, Cameron is delighted to be able to show people the final production, which showcases the impressive 300-seater theatre.  

“The Miller Theatre was the ideal setting for the biggest scene of the film,” said Cameron.

“We spent two days shooting there and it was amazing having the incredibly talented Ben Squire helping us with tech. The scale of the space gave us real freedom to pick our angles carefully and the opportunity for a carefully choreographed ‘oner’.”

Having discovered film making in 2019 while in his second year of studying engineering at Durham University, Cameron worked on a few different projects before founding Keylight Studios, a production company, alongside a director and friend of his. Not long after starting the company, the duo decided to take on the challenge of a feature film and, alongside a group of 26 other Durham University students, started on the long path.

Cameron continued: “We certainly underestimated how large a step up it was to a 75-minute feature film but now it feels somewhat surreal for such a long process to be finally coming to an end.

“It’s been a steep learning curve with over 500 hours as a Director of Photography on various film sets. It's strange looking back and knowing now how much I had yet to learn, and I obviously have a huge amount still to go.”

Currently working at the RGS as an Engineering, Design and Technology Technician, Cameron, who has very fond memories of his time as a student at the school, has a few projects in the pipeline. He recently finished filming a fantasy short which is now in the editing phase and he started pre-production for a period drama short film based in Berlin over summer.

The film is free to watch on Amazon Prime using the link below:


Alternatively, it can purchased or rented by clicking on ‘More Purchase Options’ with all profits from the first 24 hours going to mental health charity, Mind. 

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