Ensuring our students at RGS are happy and thriving is absolutely paramount to us, and a central thread to all that we do here. 

Life for a young person has traditionally had the propensity to be a challenging time, and arguably no more so than now. On top of coping with their changing bodies and emotions, relationships, academic pressures, etc. they then have the increasingly ubiquitous social media to navigate and as a result life can become overwhelming and confusing (for them and us!). 

Yes, we aim to inspire our students academically and feed their imaginations and curiosity, but without them feeling happy, safe, and supported, life as a young person can be even more of a challenging time than ever. Arguably this makes it hard for them to attain their potential and develop into balanced and well-rounded young adults.

We understand that all of our students are unique and different, and we strive to treat them as individuals, aiming to tailor our care to meet their needs. We have a range of formal and informal pastoral systems operating side by side in our community, there to support the child and the wider family when required. Parents are encouraged to contact the school with any concerns or worries that they may have, and we will endeavour to ensure any concerns or worries are met.

There is such a range of challenges that face young people on a day to day basis, coming from a host of sources which can impact upon our students or their peers. We aim to raise our students’ resilience by developing critical thinking skills, promoting skills to develop a healthy body and mind, and arming them with information so they can make informed, healthy and considerate decisions as they go about their lives. To help us do this, we deliver a comprehensive PSHE and Philosophy and Religion (P&R) curriculum through timetabled lessons and during selected form times, complemented by off-timetable time for year group-specific workshops and talks, and an on-going programme of activities and structured discussions delivered through their form groups and the tutor group system. 

As I take over the role of Deputy Head Pastoral, I am intending on using this space to share a monthly blog to let you know what we’re talking about in school. On occasion, I may share some articles or useful links that you may find interesting and helpful to keep abreast of the ever-changing world and challenges surrounding our young people.

I welcome your feedback at anytime – this is very much a collaboration here between school and parents to ensure the RGS experience for our students is a happy and positive one.

Miss Sarah LongvilleDeputy Head Pastoral

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Learning Support & the medical team (nurses, councellor and the doctor) work with all students at various different stages of the framework, depending on the situation.

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