Senior School Information

Three girls laughing while conduction a science experiment

Welcome to the Senior School section of the RGS website. 

On this page you will find information you need as a parent, including term dates, how to report an absence, photos, news and more. 

News & Events

March 2020
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Feb 24
Tue, Feb 25
Wed, Feb 26
Thu, Feb 27
Fri, Feb 28
Sat, Feb 29
Sun, Mar 1
Mon, Mar 2
Teach Meet
Fenwick & Lilburne Halls T001
Tue, Mar 3
Wed, Mar 4
House Netball Senior
Hard Play Area 0103
House Jam
Miller Theatre P101
Thu, Mar 5
Parents' Conference - Year 9
Fenwick, Lilburne & Dining hall T002
Fri, Mar 6
L6 Applying to London Universities
Miller Theatre P101
RGS Kids' Lit Quiz
Engineering, Design & Technology Exhibition
Agora B102
Sat, Mar 7
Sun, Mar 8
Mon, Mar 9
Ben Kane visit
Agora B102
Tue, Mar 10
Parents' Conference - Year 8
Fenwick, Lilburne & Dining hall T002
Collingwood Society Lecture
Miller Theatre P101
Wed, Mar 11
Senior School Spring Concert
Miller Theatre P101
Thu, Mar 12
Fri, Mar 13
Sat, Mar 14
Sun, Mar 15
Mon, Mar 16
Tue, Mar 17
Wed, Mar 18
Thu, Mar 19
CCF Field Day
Off site location
Fri, Mar 20
Sat, Mar 21
Sun, Mar 22
Mon, Mar 23
Tue, Mar 24
Wed, Mar 25
Thu, Mar 26
Fri, Mar 27
Sat, Mar 28
Sun, Mar 29
Mon, Mar 30
Tue, Mar 31
Wed, Apr 1
Thu, Apr 2
Fri, Apr 3
Sat, Apr 4
Sun, Apr 5

Reporting an Absence

If your son/daughter will be absent from school, please call 0191 281 5711 before 9am giving their name, form and reason for absence.

If they are to be absent for a second day or longer, please keep us informed by phoning the number above on each morning of the absence, or email

Medical or Dental appointments Year 7-11

If your son/daughter has a medical or dental appointment and will be absent for part of the school day, please let the Form Supervisor know by sending a note* or email giving dates and times.

If the arrival time at school will be after 8.45am, please make sure they have a note or copy of the email which must be shown when they sign in.

If the appointment is during the school day, a note or copy of the email must be shown when your son/daughter signs out at Reception.

Contact will be made with a parent if confirmation of an appointment has not been seen.

*note – this can be a letter or a note in the School Planner