Items described as RGS items are unique to the school and must be obtained from our suppliers.

- All RGS main uniform items are supplied online by Schoolblazer.  Our uniform requirements are available below.

- All RGS/Castore sports kit items are supplied online by Kitlocker.  Our sports kit requirements are available here.  If you have any queries regarding sports' kit orders please contact Kitlocker support here.

All articles of uniform and sports' kit must be clearly marked with the owner's name.

Don’t forget, we have a range of excellent quality, second-hand uniform and sports' kit available from our Threadaware shop (see Threadaware tab below) which is especially ideal for spare items.

If in any doubt about any item of clothing, please contact us via communications@rgs.newcastle.sch.uk or call the school office on 0191 281 8955 and we will be happy to help.

Our approach to school uniform and sports kit

Our wish is for our students to wear the RGS uniform and sports kit with a sense of pride and feeling of belonging to our community, whilst being comfortable. To enhance this, we have amended our uniform code to offer a greater freedom of choice, removing gendered language, description, or prescription, so students can feel they can choose from the whole “buffet” of options.  Mrs Sarah Longville, Deputy Head (Pastoral) explains our approach in the video to the right.

Although we use gender neutral language in our descriptions, our main uniform supplier, SchoolBlazer, use an intelligent sizing system, based on male and female sex adolescent sizing.  Their website invites you to select the sex of your child when you register them on your account, which then presents you with the range of uniform geared towards their intelligent sizing options which is based on your child’s sex. If you would like to have access to the whole range of uniform choices for your child then please opt “prefer not to say” when asked for their sex.  

The Uniform Regulations tab on the Shop page will take you to our ungendered uniform descriptions and requirements, which are also detailed below. For example, should any child wish to wear a collared shirt, then we would require them to wear a tie too, regardless of gender. Should any child wish to wear the fitted blouse option instead, then they are not required to wear a tie. 

We have made another minor amendment to the uniform which is the removal of the option to wear knee-high socks with skirts, and instead we are requesting students to wear tights if they opt for a skirt, or the option of white ankle socks in the summer. Presently, we only offer one skirt-style, but this is something we are reviewing with the input from our student body. 

Junior School students in PE uniform
Girl athlete holding discus
one male and two female students in RGS sport clothing
Junior School female student in uniform
A male and female sixth form student walking in the hall
Girl athlete holding discus