Sports kit

Items described as RGS items are unique to the school and must be obtained from our suppliers

- All RGS/Castore sports kit items are supplied online by Kitlocker.  Our sports' kit requirements are available below.  If you have any queries please contact Kitlocker support here.- All RGS main uniform items are supplied online by Schoolblazer. Our uniform requirements are available here.

All articles of uniform and sports' kit must be clearly marked with the owner's name.

Don’t forget, we have a range of excellent quality, second-hand uniform and sports' kit available from our Threadaware shop which is especially ideal for spare items.

If in any doubt about any item of clothing, please contact us via communications@rgs.newcastle.sch.ukor call the school office on 0191 281 8955 and we will be happy to help.

Our approach to school uniform and sports kit

Our wish is for our students to wear the RGS uniform and sports kit with a sense of pride and feeling of belonging to our community, whilst being comfortable. To enhance this, we have amended our uniform and sports kit code to offer a greater freedom of choice, removing gendered language, description, or prescription, so students can feel they can choose from the whole “buffet” of options.  Mrs Sarah Longville, Deputy Head (Pastoral) explains our approach in the video to the right.

Although we use gender neural language in our descriptions, our sports' kit supplier, Kitlocker, use a sizing system, based on men's (M cut) and women's (W cut) sizing.  If you select the size guide on any of the products you will see measurements, but we remind students and parents that they are able to choose the most comfortable fit, as long as students are wearing the correct item for each type of sport (see kit lists below).

Sports' kit lists

In September 2022 we moved from the PlayerLayer brand of sports' kit, to Castore, sold by Kitlocker.  

Ordering arrangements

Our new supplier Kitlocker/Castore are storing two years of kit so aim to fulfil orders within five days.  We strongly recommend that you measure your child and refer to the size tables on the Kitlocker website.  For Junior School, we also have a sample of all Junior sizes in each item, so let us know if you'd like to come and try a sample before you order.  Kitlocker do charge for postage and returns, so planning may save you time and money later.


We are expecting PlayerLayer kit to be in circulation for some time, so please do continue to donate outgrown kit to Threadaware (items can be dropped at either Junior or Senior School receptions), for other parents to purchase with all proceeds going to the RGS Bursary Campaign.  If your child is representing a first team squad at an external fixture, we would prefer them to wear the new Castore kit but we will have items to loan first team students who do not yet have any of the Castore items.

Junior School

First page of the PDF file: JSmandatorysportskit1
First page of the PDF file: JSmandatorysportkit2
First page of the PDF file: JSoptionalsportkit1

Senior School

First page of the PDF file: SSlist12024
First page of the PDF file: SSlist22024

For all students


Trainers or gym shoes with non marking soles are needed for use in the Sports Hall and summer sports.  Please no expensive fashion trainers.  All trainers must have adequate support.

Students playing football and rugby will need boots with moulded sole or screw-in studs.  All screw-in studs must comply with British Standards for safety.  We recommend football boots as they are suitable for both rugby and football. No studs are permitted on the Astro Turf Pitch (ATP).

Safety equipment

Shin guards are compulsory for hockey and football.

Traditionally we had a specialist dentist in at the start of term to fit new and/or replacement mouthguards. Just before we ended term, we were contacted by the dentist to let us know that they had unfortunately stopped trading. Sadly we have had no opportunity to seek and appoint a new dentist, and therefore can’t offer the service. A gumshield can be purchased from a sports shop, or your own dentist may also be able to help.

Personal sports’ equipment

Personal cricket bats and hockey sticks can be brought to school for match play (for safety reasons they are not allowed to be used during playtime).

General questions and answers

Junior School specific questions

Senior School specific questions