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In September 2020, RGS is delivering a cluster of high profile and stimulating events, which are a wonderful opportunity for Old Novocastrians to come ‘Back to School’.

We are encouraging Old Novos from across the country – and indeed the world – to join us for one, or more of these really special opportunities.

Why not come back and reflect on your own school years, while seeing how RGS operates in 2020? With both school events and the return of the Peter Taylor Lectures, there’s something for all hearts and minds.

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RGS is not charging to attend any of these events, other than the direct cost of the (optional) supper at The Vermont Hotel. However, RGS would like Old Novos who are attending to consider making a gift, to ‘The Bursary Campaign’. Novos staying at The Vermont Hotel will be required to settle their accommodation bill with the hotel directly.


Don't forget to book your tickets for this year's Garden Party, taking place on Saturday 27th June. 

To get involved in the event, or to reserve tickets, please contact