Applying for an RGS Bursary

I always knew that  my daughter Chloe was exceptional, but I was nervous about the whole process.  I am so pleased that we just gave it a go, she’s so happy at a school which is able to stretch and challenge her brilliant mind.  The bursary opportunity has been amazing for her, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll go on to do in the world."  

RGS Bursaries – Guidance for Applicants 

Revised for September 2024 entry 


We are delighted that you are interested in exploring a bursary funded place at The Royal Grammar School Newcastle (RGS).  

RGS is a wonderful, almost 500-year-old co-educational school for students aged 7-18, based in the heart of Newcastle, opposite Jesmond Metro station enabling children to travel to us from across the North East region.  RGS is well known for our highly academic education; our students are bright and go on to achieve some of the best exam results in the region, many go on to highly selective courses at top Universities.  We are equally dedicated to the outstanding pastoral support of our young people, as well as incredible opportunities to access sport, performing arts and a wide breadth of co-curricular activities in our first-class facilities. 

RGS is an Independent, fee-paying school, yet we have a long history of providing a number of fee-assisted places. RGS is passionately committed to ensuring access to its fast-paced, challenging academic curriculum for students from the widest possible range of backgrounds. We believe that the first-class education that our students receive can be transformational to their lives.  

With thanks to donors who fund our Bursary Campaign, which was launched in 2002, we are able to offer a small number of places to families who do not have the financial means to fund a place at the RGS.  These few bursary places are offered to academically outstanding candidates who also meet our strict financial criteria, at the main entry points to the school (Years 3, 5, 7 and Year 12).  We currently have 82 bursary students in the school, across all age groups, most of whom have 100% of their school fees paid from our Bursary Campaign funds.  While in the school, their funding status is confidential and they access all opportunities the same way that any fee-paying child does.   

As our Bursary Campaign funds are finite, RGS bursaries are highly competitive and we take the selection process seriously.  All of the details are laid out in the sections below, we also have a separate page here with details of our specific Reece Foundation Sixth Form bursaries.  

Applying for a bursary may sound daunting, but if you feel you could satisfy our criteria, then we really would encourage you to try.

Please take the time to read through this bursary guidance below to ensure you have a good overview of the process involved. We recognise that this may feel quite overwhelming - but we would urge any families to contact us directly if they have any outstanding questions about the process - we would be more than happy to help.  

Further information about the Bursary Campaign can be found here.

Jan Browne, Head of Bursary Support, RGS Newcastle (

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