RGS Art of Hope

Raising funds for the RGS Bursary Campaign and student-selected charities 


All members of the RGS community, including Junior and Senior School students, staff and Old Novocastrians, are invited to create a piece of art for a very special exhibition and charity auction. 
Students who apply to participate will be given a 20x20cm canvas on which to produce artwork on the theme of 'hope'. We encourage you to think widely about how you interpret the theme, more details on planning your piece are attached. 
The canvasses will be on display in an exhibition at school, 6-8pm on Thursday the 9th of December 2021. The exhibition will be a wonderful winter social to which students and parents are invited. The canvasses will be auctioned online for any member of our community to bid on.  

A wall of square canvas paintings

19th October - Initiative launched in whole school Assembly 

20th October - Tutor Set time dedicated to planning forms

Over half term - Students work on their canvas 

3rd December - Deadline for handing in completed canvas

Thursday 9th December - exhibition and online auction opens

Sunday 12th December - online auction closes


Talent Insight Group logo

The RGS Art of Hope 2021 event is generously sponsored by our friends at the Talent Insight Group, a global research firm based here in Newcastle. 
The funds raised will be shared between (50%) the RGS Bursary Campaign (registered charity 508285) and two local causes close to the hearts of our students; (25%) the Newcastle United Foundation 'mental health in schools' project (registered charity 1124896) and (25%) North East Homeless (registered charity 1170235). 


The planning and thinking about how you will interpret the theme of 'Hope' on a 20x20cm canvas is as important as creating the piece itself. 

What is hope?

'Hope' is a feeling, an expectation, desire or wish for a particular goal. It's the pursuit of, or a pathway to, a better  future. To have hope is to want an outcome that makes life better in some way and motivates us to  make steps to make positive change happen. What does 'hope' mean to you? 

Interpreting hope

Think about what you hope for. Think broadly about this, is it for an end to global warming, or is it for a hot chicken sandwich for lunch, or anything in between these extremes?! What activities make you feel hopeful? Who in your life gives you hope? When do you feel most positively that change for the good can happen? Why is hope important to you, or those you care about? Use the box below to Jot down what hope means to you. 

Planning your piece

The only limitation to your artwork is that it needs to appear on a 20x20cm canvas. You may choose to share your interpretation of hope in a drawing or painting, or you may enjoy writing a piece of poetry on your canvas. You might want to make your canvas multi­dimensional, for example using profound and personal, simple, everyday materials. You could use electronics or build something in DT. You could 3D print a shape or representation of an idea. We expect each piece to be as gloriously unique as each individual in our community, yet the uniformity of the 20x20cm canvasses will make the exhibition coherent.