Consent to Contact

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A very special relationship develops between the RGS and its students and staff, and therefore we would very much like to continue to keep in touch with you. To do this we would like to keep basic details of your time at school such as attendance dates, what you have been doing since leaving the school and your contact details.

We would also like (from time to time) to share your contact details and school dates with the Friends of RGS, which runs a range of social events, and the RGS Educational Trust, which raises money for the bursary fund.

We are committed to adhering to best practice with regard to Data Protection as set down by the Office of the Information Commissioner and in order to ensure that your consent to data protection procedures at the RGS is up to date, please read the consent information below and, if you are happy to do so, sign at the bottom of the page and return to the Development Office.

As part of the requirements of GDPR the school has to produce a Privacy Notice that details how we hold and process your and your children’s data and our obligations. It also details your rights relating to your data.

You can access our Privacy Notice here.