RGS Bursary Campaign

You can support us by donating to one of the followings funds:

Bursary Campaign 

Could you help disadvantaged children from across the North East with their education? We welcome donations of all sizes to fund our means-tested bursaries. By donating £13,164, you'd be supporting a bursary-funded child for one full year of their education.

You can donate through one-off gifts, standing orders, grants from charitable trusts and foundations, company donations and legacies. Download a legacy notification form if you wish to leave an amount in your will. Your company may also be able to gift match your donations, please enquire to find out more. If you would like to donate regularly, please download and complete a pledge form to set up a standing order.

You can also donate directly online at the bottom of this page.

If you currently live in the USA and would like information about tax-effective giving, or for any other queries please contact development@rgs.newcastle.sch.uk

Hardship Fund

We are very mindful of the potential impact that national measures to address the pandemic may be having on our families' personal finances. Undoubtedly every family will have been affected to some extent but, we know of some families experiencing severe financial difficulty. 

In addition to our Bursary Campaign we have established a Hardship Fund.  We encourage anybody who can make a contribution to any of the above funds, whether big or small, to either contact our Development Director, Susan Beck, at s.beck@rgs.newcastle.sch.uk or to make a donation below.

Hardship Funds will support our Bursary families who are particularly vulnerable, or current RGS families in significant need at this unprecedented time.  

All such donations are payable to the Royal Grammar School Educational Trust (registered charity 508285) and are eligible for Gift Aid for UK taxpayers.  Any surplus from the Hardship Fund will be allocated to the RGS Educational Trust's General Bursary Campaign Fund, unless you notify us that you do not wish for this to happen (please use the comment box below).

We are incredibly fortunate that the RGS has such a strong community of parents, staff, pupils and Old Novocastrians and we are grateful for your continued support to ensure that we all get through this very challenging period together, your gifts will make a significant difference to the lives of others in a moment of crisis.

Cathedral Pew Campaign

You've done it! Thanks to your generous donations, we've already managed to crowd fund the £2,000 needed for the cost of the pew, its transportation to RGS and the cost of a plaque.  As a result of this, we will no longer be taking donations for this particular campaign.  Huge thank you to everyone who donated, we can't wait to see the pew in its new home. 

Meet our Bursary Students

RGS has supported over 420 bursary students since our Bursary Campaign was established in 2002.  Here are just some of their stories.

Ella Bannister (19-21)

I was blown away when I realised that her education was funded by many small donations, mostly from Old Novos.(Ella's mum, Sarah)

Scarlett Milligan (09-11)

Being an ON is a lifelong affiliation, and I will be happy if I can give back only a fraction of what that affiliation gave to me.

Christian Gardener (00-07)

Christian Gardner

A bursary at RGS enables young people, like me, to access the very best quality of education, creating life-changing opportunities.

Martin Dickson (10-12)

Portrait photo of ON. Martin Dickson, in a suit and tie

RGS was a tough learning curve, but the work ethic it instilled in me has me set up for life.

Katy Silverman (06-08)

I am so grateful to all of you who support the RGS Bursary Campaign, as I really believe that my time at RGS has changed my life and set me on the lifepath I am on.

Makeen Baroudi (17-19)

RGS allowed me to explore many things I cannot imagine being able to explore elsewhere, at that stage of my education.

Cristina Chui (07-18)

I will be forever grateful to all those involved with the RGS Bursary Campaign and for the immeasurable help they have given me.

Jackie Chui (06-13)

It was my dream to become a doctor, and thanks to my bursary, I had the opportunity and support to apply to study medicine at Newcastle University.

Steph Burn (04-06)

Without the RGS bursary scheme and the love and support from my mum and sister I wouldn’t be where I am today. The RGS encouraged me to persevere with my aim of being a pilot, regardless of my background or financial situation. 

Spenser Gray (04-11)

ON, Spenser Gray, rock climbing among the clouds

Without my bursary I would likely never have joined the CCF; without the CCF and doing Duke of Edinburgh Gold award, I would not have been equipped with the basic skills necessary to safely enjoy the mountains; and therefore would not have introduced many other people to their beauty.

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