Bursary Stories

RGS has supported over 420 bursary students since our Bursary Campaign was established in 2002.  Here are just some of their stories.

Olha Volianyk (22 - )

I have a dream that I will go back to Ukraine and be of use to my country.  In the meantime, I am working hard on my A Levels.

Scarlett Milligan (09-11)

Being an ON is a lifelong affiliation, and I will be happy if I can give back only a fraction of what that affiliation gave to me.

Christian Gardener (00-07)

Christian Gardner

A bursary at RGS enables young people, like me, to access the very best quality of education, creating life-changing opportunities.

Martin Dickson (10-12)

Portrait photo of ON. Martin Dickson, in a suit and tie

RGS was a tough learning curve, but the work ethic it instilled in me has me set up for life.

Katy Silverman (06-08)

I am so grateful to all of you who support the RGS Bursary Campaign, as I really believe that my time at RGS has changed my life and set me on the lifepath I am on.

Ella Bannister (19-21)

I was blown away when I realised that her education was funded by many small donations, mostly from Old Novos.(Ella's mum, Sarah)

Makeen Baroudi (17-19)

RGS allowed me to explore many things I cannot imagine being able to explore elsewhere, at that stage of my education.

Cristina Chui (07-18)

I will be forever grateful to all those involved with the RGS Bursary Campaign and for the immeasurable help they have given me.

Jackie Chui (06-13)

It was my dream to become a doctor, and thanks to my bursary, I had the opportunity and support to apply to study medicine at Newcastle University.

Steph Burn (04-06)

Without the RGS bursary scheme and the love and support from my mum and sister I wouldn’t be where I am today. The RGS encouraged me to persevere with my aim of being a pilot, regardless of my background or financial situation. 

Spenser Gray (04-11)

ON, Spenser Gray, rock climbing among the clouds

Without my bursary I would likely never have joined the CCF; without the CCF and doing Duke of Edinburgh Gold award, I would not have been equipped with the basic skills necessary to safely enjoy the mountains; and therefore would not have introduced many other people to their beauty.