Why I Give

Peter Walker (52-60)

Peter Walker High Jump record, 1960

Wuliang and I are more than pleased to make a donation to the Bursary Campaign. We hope that our gift can support talented students of tomorrow to receive the type of education at RGS that I so much benefited from.

Professor Tom Gutteridge (63-70)

Portrait of Professor Tom Gutteridge in front of a book case

RGS pupils made such an important contribution to life in the region at every level, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if only the children of the rich flowed through in the future.

Dave Merritt (63-73)

A 21st Century school with as broad a social mix as in my Direct Grant days will be more balanced for all concerned and go a little way to aiding social mobility. The Bursary Campaign helps to facilitate this.

Christian Gardener (00-07)

Christian Gardner

This may be the first time that many of my peers reading this will be aware that I was the beneficiary of a bursary, but I am so grateful and proud that I was able to be educated at RGS.