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RGS Gives is our campaign to encourage the entire RGS community to give back to our homeland of Newcastle and broader North East.  We believe in the infinite potential of our region, but need our community to galvanise behind our work to deliver social impact.  Read on the right a summary of what this work involves, and below all of the ways that you can help today.  There are ways for anyone and everyone to flex their philanthropic muscle and show that RGS Gives.

Donations of any size will be put to immediate good use. Not everyone has money to give, we understand that and cheerfully make the most of the
talents, interests, knowledge and stories of our wider community. One of our bursary students recently said:
“ We don’t bring wealth and money to the school, but I bring hard work and will do my best.”

Perhaps we could echo those sentiments.  If you value being part of the RGS community, please read on below how you can help today.

How you can help:

Why we need your support:

Make a donation today

Bright Sparks are created by donors who are able to give a regular or a single donation; whatever the amount or frequency, we'll put it to good use immediately to change lives.

What your support achieves

View our Social Impact Report here

RGS Bursaries
1 in 16 students attend RGS on a (strictly means-tested) bursary.  We welcome donations of all sizes to help change the trajectory of a child's life.
Bursaries Hardship Fund  
Our hardship fund supports bursary families experiencing severe financial difficulty with non-fee costs, such as uniform, school trips and lunches.
RGS Partnerships
10,000 (and counting) students in local schools benefit from our partnerships projects, which deliver academic stretch and challenge.  
Capital Fund
We are constantly looking to develop our school facilities to maintain our standard of excellence.  There are various opportunities to support the fabric of our school, enhancing opportunities for students.

Find out even more about our work here: