RGS Talks

We are always looking for Old Novos who can share careers advice and inspiration with our various Societies and RGS Partnerships projects.  In particular, we are keen to hear from anyone who studied and/or worked in Law, Economics, Engineering and Medicine.  If you have some time and expertise to share, please do drop us an email.

We also have an annual event for our Y12 (Lower Sixth Form) students to meet with ONs who have left RGS in the past 7 years, the aim of this event is to share very recent experience of Universities and Courses, as well as options post-education.  Details of the next event (July 2024) can be found here.

Take a look at the other ways you can give:

View our Social Impact Report here

RGS Bursaries
1 in 16 students attend RGS on a (strictly means-tested) bursary.  We welcome donations of all sizes to help change the trajectory of a child's life.
Bursaries Hardship Fund  
Our hardship fund supports bursary families experiencing severe financial difficulty with non-fee costs, such as uniform, school trips and lunches.
RGS Partnerships
10,000 (and counting) students in local schools benefit from our partnerships projects, which deliver academic stretch and challenge.  
Capital Fund
We are constantly looking to develop our school facilities to maintain our standard of excellence.  There are various opportunities to support the fabric of our school, enhancing opportunities for students.

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